Roger Morgan [1965] The German Social Democrats and the First International: 1864 1872.

Roger Morgan. The German Social Democrats and the First International: 1864-1872. Cambridge University Press, 1965, 280 pp.



List of Abbreviations


The German Socialist Parties, 1864 to 1872


Lassalle and his successors, 1863-6

The origins of the Eisenach Party, 1863-8

The two parties in rivalry, 1866-9

The Eisenach Congress, 1869

‘Lassalleans’ and ‘Eisenachers’ after 1869


The Lassallean Party and the International, 1864 to 1865


The ADAV’s problems in 1864-5

The International’s prospects in Germany

Marx’s presidential candidature; his attempt to secure the ADAV’s affiliation to the International

Marx’s and Engels’ collaboration with the Social-Demokrat

The reasons for the International’s failure in 1864-5


Johann Philipp Becker and the International in Germany, 1864 to 1868


Becker, Lassalle, and the founding of the International

1865-6: the Group of German-speaking Sections

1867-8: growth and problems of Becker’s organisation


Wilhelm Liebknecht and the International in Germany, 1864 to 1868


Liebknecht in Berlin, 1864-5

Leipzig: Liebknecht and the German People’s Party, up to the crisis of 1866

1867-8: election-campaigns and the Demokratisches Wochenblatt

Conclusion: Liebknecht’s difficulties between 1864 and 1868


The Turning Point: The German Labour Congresses of 1868 to 1869


The International as a source of prestige

Rivalry between Schweitzer and Liebknecht: the ADAV’s Hamburg Congress

Liebknecht’s response: the Nürnberg Congress of the Verband Deutscher Arbeitervereine

Becker’s problems in 1868-9: Germany, Switzerland and Bakunin

Schweitzer and his rivals after the congresses of 1868

The founding of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party at Eisenach

The end of Becker’s Group of German-speaking Sections


The Eisenach Party and the International, 1869 to 1872

Introduction: organised relations between the party and the International, 1869-72

The party’s changing political attitudes to the International, 1869-72

The first attitude: from the Eisenach Congress to the Franco-Prussian War (August 1869-July 1870)

The second attitude: from the outbreak of war to the Commune of Paris (July 1870-May 1871)

The third attitude: from the Commune to the Hague Congress (May 1871-September 1872)


Conclusion: The Significance of the International in Germany

Appendix I. The Published and Unpublished Papers of Johann Philipp Becker

Appendix II. Becker’s Financial Receipts from Germany

Appendix III. The Correspondence between Marx and Engels

Appendix IV. The Berlin Section of the International, 1865 to 1866



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